VirtualTaboo: Come To My Bed

You weren’t sure what to expect when your step-sister Mimi Cica invited you to her bedroom. She is smoking hot and you went right home after a new date to jerk off to taboo porn on your VR headset. You come to her room and are stunned. She meets you in an outfit that barely covers anything. Not that you are going to complain. She looks like a taboo VR porn model. Her long legs and tight ass are exposed and her boobs look perfect in the red bodysuit. When you pick your jaw up off of the floor, Mimi explains that she needs your opinion regarding her new swimsuit. She is in a good mood and would like to have some fun. No touching of each other is allowed, but you can watch her touch herself and if you feel like jerking off, she is very interested in seeing what kind of tool you’re packing. That is an offer you won’t refuse and she smiles when she sees that your cock is already hard. You stroke it while she shows you her body, bending over while you admire her ass. She can see from the way your cock throbs that you really want to see more of her tits. Holding them close to your face, she squeezes them and tells you how she likes them licked. You make notes for later, but are so close to cumming now. Watching you explode in your hand turns her on her and bucks her hips as she creams her own fingers. You have passed the test so he lets you taste her juices on her fingers. Wait until you see her next time.