VirtualTaboo: I Need Your Help

Mimi Cica is very excited. After months of chatting with a new guy on her dating app, she is finally going to meet him in person. Wanting to make the best possible first impression, she goes through her closet looking for something that will blow him away. With so many choices, she needs some help picking the perfect color. Her stepbrother is the only one home, he is recruited for this important task. You are less than thrilled to be pulled away from your weekly update of taboo VR Porn, but agree to help. When she isn’t careful about covering up, you see more than she intended and certainly like the view. Mimi catches you peeking, but finds it naughty and a huge turn-on. She takes her time trying on the different coloured outfits and teases you as she strips out of the red one and into the blue one. She looks at your crotch and can tell from the big bulge that this one is your favorite. At first, you are embarrassed when she points out your hard-on, but she assures you that it’s all right. In fact, she wants to see how hard he is. Slipping your big dick between her lips, you fuck your step sister’s warm mouth. Her pussy is dripping and ready for you. Fucking her tight hole is even better than masturbating while fantasizing about her. As she bounces on your fat dick, she can feel you swelling deep inside of her. Wanting to be careful, she hops off and sucks your dick until you fill her mouth with your cream. No matter what outfit she wears, her boyfriend is going to be happy.