VirtualTaboo: Queen Of The House

Your roommate Aria Carson is a gorgeous young woman who is also smart, driven, funny and perfect in almost every way. The only drawback is that she has a boyfriend she is madly in love with. You can’t help how much you want her, but keep it to yourself so as not to creep her out and ruin a good living situation. Content to admire her secretly and jerk off like crazy watching VR Porn, you are stunned to come home one night and find Aria in your bed wearing nothing but sexy white lingerie. You aren’t sure if it is a VR porn dream or a mistake, but she explains to you that she has noticed you noticing her. She doesn’t cheat, not even for you, but wants you to know that you turn her on too. You can watch, you can even take your cock out and stroke it. So long as you don’t touch then it’s not really cheating and her boyfriend never has to know. She doesn’t have to ask you twice. Your cock is out of your pants and into your hand before she can blink twice. Your enthusiasm turns Aria on and she shows you just how hard you have made her nipples. Bending over, she compliments you on your cock while teasing you with tales of the wild sex that goes on in her room while you sleep alone in your bed. She knows that you wish you could put your cock into her pussy. Nope. She doesn’t cheat, but that doesn’t mean she won’t cum with you while you beat your meat. Creaming her fingers while you spray your load, Aria promises to think of you the next time her man makes her cum.

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