VirtualTaboo: Show Me Your Talent

Ann Joy has long dreamed of being a VR porn model and posing for special portraits. Her stepbrother is a budding artist who has done amazing work with a number of her classmates and she is getting jealous. She has hinted to him many times that she wanted him to let her model for him, but he has repeatedly refused. Tired of taking no for an answer, she puts on a cute sundress and insists that you draw her. As soon as you begin to sketch, Ann gets bolder and begins to show you some skin. She wants these portraits to be sexy but ends up distracting you so badly that they come out looking horrible. She is disappointed of course, but cannot help but notice that you have a huge boner in your jeans. The drawings are a bust, but she can think of a way to still make something good of the situation. In this VR porn video, she sucks your cock, loving how you respond to her. It never crossed her mind that you had a crush on her, but now you fuck her like you’re never going to stop. You drill her from behind hard enough for her to feel your balls slapping against her pussy. She had been looking forward to posing for sexy pictures to send her boyfriend, but the taboo thrill of fucking her stepbrother is even hotter. While sucking her juices from your cock she can feel you getting closer. Though she never swallows for her boyfriend, Ann keeps sucking until you fill her mouth. She smiles and promises you her ass if you can actually produce a good sketch next time.