VirtualTaboo: Stepsis Learns How To Park...On My Cock

Geisha Kyd got herself into trouble. She was super horny and desperate to see her boyfriend. His car is broken down so she had to find a way to get to his house. Without a car of her own and unable to ask her parents for a ride to see a guy they don’t even want her to date, she did the next best thing. She grabbed a helmet and tried sneaking off with her stepbrother’s scooter. The plan did not go smoothly and you caught her before she could even get it started. She tried to explain it by lying about visiting her friends but you easily found out the truth. You were angry, but also couldn’t stop staring at your sexy stepsister in her tiny shorts and bikini top. She looks like a real VR model from your favourite taboo movies. It was clear what she had planned and also clear what you thought about it. Knowing she would be in double trouble for trying to steal the scooter and lying about it, Geisha Kyd VR decides to work her way out of the situation and take care of the horny feeling between her thighs. A quick flash of her tits and you know what she has in mind. Don’t tell the parents she tried to steal or sneak out and her tight teen body is all yours. Seems like a fair trade. You have always wanted her and your big cock literally pops out of your jeans. Impressed by his size and how eager he is, Geisha knows she made a good deal and happily stuffs her mouth with her stepbrother’s throbbing meat. You seem ready to cum in her mouth, but she wants that dick inside of her and bends over your scooter to take you in. She loves the way you feel and rides until she can tell you can’t hold back any longer. Finishing you off with her mouth Geisha knows she won’t need to leave the house next time she gets horny. Fuck her lazy boyfriend, she can just fuck her studly stepbro.

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