Virtual Real Passion: Coffee Of The Month

The coffee expert is coming to your home! Because you are a very good customer, Lando Ryder is bringing you the coffee that you ordered for this month. He arrives and he is showing you the box package when he confesses you that every time you made an order, he sees your profile picture on the web, thinking about you. You look at him and when he is going to take the coffee out of the box, you stop him and start to caress his arm. You take his t-shirt off and he asks you if you like his body. As you start to feel horny you ask him to drop his trousers and you give him a handjob… because he is already hard! After that he wants to please you and after seeing you naked body, he gives you a pussy licking at the same time he caresses your boobs. Then, while you are laying down, he fucks you with strong moves. But you also want to control the action, so you sit on top of him and moves the way you like it most. You both will fuck in different positions and he asks you to come for him. His dirty talk is making you horny enough and you both with cum with pleasure.

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