VirtualTaboo: Besties Forever

Your girlfriend Stefany Kyler is late for date night. She promised to bring something special over and you are getting horny since you haven’t seen her in a while. Just about the time you are ready to pop some pizza rolls in the microwave and pop on some taboo VR Porn, you hear her finally arrive. You are shocked to see that she is not alone. Your girl has brought on her friend Simon Kitty over and they are both nearly naked as they stand in the doorway of your bedroom. Stefany says that she has noticed you checking out her friend, especially her big, beautiful tits and thought you might enjoy a better look at them. She also explains that she and Simon are more than just friends and in fact have been dating even longer than you have been a couple and hopes you don’t mind having her join you for VR porn date night. Of course, you don’t mind. The girls are happy and start to play with each other, showing off their bodies and enjoying the look of desire they see in your eyes. Simon’s breasts are even bigger when she is naked and just as perfect as you thought they would be. They are also even sexier when they are in your pretty girlfriend’s hands or mouth. As they get more and more turned on, Simon whispers into Stefany’s ear. Your girlfriend smiles and tells you that she has told her friend all about your big cock and she wants to see it. If you take it out, they will make each other cum just for you. You are more than happy to join them and stroke to the image of your girl and her girlfriend fingering themselves. Nothing could be hotter. At least until the next time when they ask you to join them.

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