VirtualTaboo: Chica Bomb

You arrive home after a long day looking forward to a warm shower, a cold beer and some VR Porn before bed. Instead, you are greeted by a wonderful surprise. Your girlfriend Yorgelis Carrilo is in your apartment. She was supposed to be on a lingerie shoot out of town, but got home early and just had to see you. Best of all, she is wearing one of the outfits for her shoot and is anxious to give you a private VR porn show. She always looks great, but the tight-fitting bra makes her boobs look amazing and everything seems designed to accentuate all of her sexy curves. You stare at her for a moment and then rush to take her in your arms. Not so fast. She has something special in mind. After days of posting for men who lusted after her, she has discovered that making them want her has made her horny. Now she wants to see if you look at her the same way that they did. It seemed like a slightly strange game to play, but also a whole lot of fun. Starting off the show, by posing, Yorgelis gives you a view of her body from every angle. The outfit really does look amazing on her and you show her just how hard she is making your dick. She smiles knowing that you are ready and starts taking off her lingerie. First comes the bra as she pulls out her big tits and shakes them. She can see you stroking your cock and already picking up speed so she loses her panties and spreads her legs wide. You want to put it in, don’t you? Nope. Not yet. Not until she watches you shoot your load for her first. As hot as she looks, that won’t take long.