VirtualTaboo: Girls Get Skills

Your girlfriend has been spending a lot of time with your step-sister since she caught the two of you fooling around. You were worried that it might put stress on your relationship, but they have become best friends. In this VR porn video, you come home to find that they have been out shopping and want to show you some hot new lingerie they bought. They can see by the look on your face that you like what you see, but their competitive nature compels them both to ask which outfit you like better. You wisely tell them that both are lovely, but you might need to see the clothes on bodies in motion to accurately choose a favorite. They decide to pose for you, touch each other and kiss to let you enjoy the outfits and the VR porn show, from various angles. They can see by the boner in your pants, that you like what you see. But they still can’t tell which lingerie you like better. It is tough to make a decision and they make it more difficult by taking their tops off and shaking their firm young boobs for you. It is still impossible for you to choose one outfit or one girl over the other. When you can’t decide quickly enough, the girls take off their panties and start rubbing their pussies. If you can’t make up your mind, they will just have to play without you. You don’t mind a bit and watch as they finger themselves in front of you. Can you hold out until they finish or are they going to watch you shoot a load first? Either way, this is going to end well for everyone, even if the outfit challenge finishes in a tie.

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