VirtualTaboo: Halloween Special

Simon Kitty was very excited about the Halloween costume and can’t wait for the party tonight. She rushes in to show her stepbrother only to find that he is not ready. He has no costume and that will ruin Simon’s plan as her stepbrother is her ride to the party. Simon offers to help you with a costume, but you tell her that you have changed your mind and made other plans. She needs to act quickly to make you reconsider. You have always had sexual tension and Simon is desperate so she whips out a boob and tells you that if you will take her to the party, you can act out any sexual VR porn fantasy you have ever had with her. It doesn’t take much convincing, especially when she bends over and shows you just how revealing her costume is. You are happy to let her feed on your hard meat. Simon is impressed by his size and how well he holds back even when she uses all of her best blowjob tricks. Her easy-access jeans get pulled aside so you can slide your long pole into her horny hole. Simon was hoping to get fucked at the party, so this big dick is just a wonderful bonus. You fuck her better than she could have imagined and has her wondering why she would even want to go to the party. She rides you to multiple climaxes before you ask her to stop and use her mouth. After such a great fuck, she is happy to suck your dick until it explodes into her mouth. You finish and suggest that they go to the party dressed as a VR taboo porn couple.

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