VirtualTaboo: Hello, Honey

Your birthday has been rather uneventful. You worked all day and didn’t get so much as a text or call from your girlfriend Monika Fox. She didn’t even make plans for dinner. The disappointment builds up as the hours pass and by the time you get home, you are feeling a little down. As soon as you open the door, your spirits lift a bit as Monika is already in your apartment dressed only in tight shorts and a revealing little top. She greets you with a smile and a hello, but nothing more as she leads you to your chair. As you sit still, she starts to pose for you, letting your eyes run up and down her body, admiring the way the tight clothes hug every curve of her hips. She acts like a porn actress from your favourite taboo movies. Her stiff nipples show through the thin material of her top and you can see she is just as excited as you are. It is time for her to take off her clothes, but she wants you to go first. When she sees how hard your dick is, Monika smiles. She knows her teasing is working and it turns her on to see you in such a state. As you stroke your meat for her, she peels her top of and bounces her tits in your face. The rest of her clothes come off her and she spreads her legs wide. With her gentle words of encouragement ringing in your ears, you pump your cock while she opens her wet lips and slides her fingers inside. You see her body tense and her toes flex. Quick, join her in this hot VR porn episode. Shoot your load all over her body. Give her what she wants and then take her to bed to finish the job.