VirtualTaboo: Study Break

It has been a long first semester of college. Keeping up with your studies was difficult enough, but had other distractions. Your roommate Missy Luv is just smoking hot and invited two of her friends Lili Charmelle and Barbie Brill to join you for a weekly study group that nearly drove you insane with desire. The group worked through and you all performed very well academically. You just had to lock yourself in your room after every study session to jerk off like crazy to VR Porn. On the night of the final, Missy has the girls over to celebrate. You are surprised when they ask you to join and a little shocked to find them in matching school uniforms. They have decided to invite you to watch their special celebration and even join in if you like. You can’t touch of course, but you can watch them together and stroke your dick without having to hide in your room for a change. Before you even have time to agree, the girls start lifting their skirts to give you a panty fashion VR porn show. Showing off their asses gets things started, but your eyes are glued to their chests when the tops come off and you are face to face with six perky tits and stiff nipples. They pull down their panties but won’t show you their pussies until you take out your cock and prove that you are hard for them. Once they have confirmed and see you pumping your meat stick, the girls start to finger themselves. You stroke even faster, shooting a huge load as the girls please one another. They swear you to secrecy and promise that next time you can join in.

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