VirtualTaboo: Better Than Fantasy

Living with your pretty stepsister Scarlett Jones is driving you crazy. She is so impossibly hot and loves nothing more than bringing her boyfriends home to loudly fuck them on the other side of your bedroom wall. You do what you can by watching loads of Taboo VR Porn, but there is only so much that a guy can take. She has seen you sneaking peeks when you can and even heard you when you’re busy stroking with your VR Headset on. The thought of catching you with your dick in your hand turns her on so when she has a chance to tease you further, she takes it. She has a special date planned with her boyfriend and bought sexy lingerie for the occasion. Before she can feel confident wearing it for him, she needs your opinion. You can hardly keep your jaw from hitting the floor when you see her in her outfit. The plunging neckline shows off her cleavage and the sheer fabric has her whole body on display. She asks you if you think her boyfriend will like it, but the obvious hard-on in your pants is all the answer she needs. You try to cover it, but she tells you not to be shy. It’s OK. In fact, if you want to take it out and play with it, she will show you more. How can you say no to seeing more of her gorgeous body? True to her word, Scarlett slides the top down to expose her fantastic breasts. You take your cock in your hand and stroke it as she bounces her tits in front of you. By the time she gets completely naked you are throbbing in your hand and she whispers sweet encouragement. Her fingers spread her pussy lips as she begs you to let loose, let her see you shoot. It is so much better than fantasy.

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