VirtualTaboo: Black Friday Best Deal

Rika Fane and Princess Alice have been best friends since they were quite young. They have shared so many experiences in life and are quite delighted with their current romantic situation. Rika began dating Alice’s stepbrother and months later, Alice started seeing Rika’s new stepbrother as well. The four of them do everything together and all is working out quite well. One day the guys come home with a surprise for Rika and Alice. New lingerie they bought on Black Friday sale. In this special VR porn episode, they insist the girls try on right away. Modeling for their boyfriends seems natural, but putting on hot clothes in front of their stepbrothers? Both girls like the idea, but they are not sure until both give one another a nod. They look amazing and everyone can feel the growing sexual tension. The girls keep going until their boyfriends both take out rock-hard cocks. They have always shared everything, including a few boyfriends so why not share now? The guys happily agree to have their sexy stepsisters suck their dicks. As kinky as it is, both girls can’t wait to feel them inside. Banging side by side is fun for them and banging their own stepbrothers is just wild enough to make them squeal with delight. Rika can’t believe that her stepbrother is such a good fuck. She never would have let him jerk off to VR porn every weekend if she knew he had skills like these. Alice rides on her stepbrother’s big cock and wonders if he will let her sneak into his room later and enjoy it again. No one mentions switching back because everyone is having too much fun swapping steps. Instead, they suck big loads out of their stepbrother’s cocks and then kiss each other the way best friends do.

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