VirtualTaboo: Study Time - Episode 5: Surprise

When Barbie Brill, Charmelle Lili, and Missy Luv discovered that they were all sharing the same secret. During their first semester, they were all fucking the same handsome professor, they were a little jealous at first. The three friends quickly got over that and found it kind of hot that they were all banging the same dude. They also quickly thought of fun ways to mess with him for lying to them. All three girls stuff their dresses until they look equally pregnant and then march into your office. When they reveal their bellies you are terrified at the thought of what you might have done. As they reveal the prank by showing you the pillows under their clothes, you are relieved. Moments later you are elated as the girls all flash their tits. If you are going to fuck them all individually, you might as well fuck them all together. You aren’t about to say no to all three lovely coeds at once and quickly whips out your cock. They all know how much you love having your meat sucked and take turns bobbing their pretty heads up and down the shaft until everyone is just dying to get down to the fucking. They take turns riding you and helping each other get all the way down the shaft. The reality is finally better than your VR porn dreams. Even after the scare they gave you, you can’t help but love the feeling of your cock sliding into their bare pussies as they cum all over you. The girls are all having VR taboo fun, but secretly want to be the one who earns your nut. Instead of risking making their prank real, you pull out and shoot all over their three pretty faces.

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