VirtualTaboo: Your Favorite Sin

When your girlfriend asked you to take her to a special costume party, you wanted nothing to do with it. She begged and pleaded before finally promising that if you agreed to go, she would treat you to something special that you will love. The night of the party arrives and she shows you her costume and the surprise. Her best friend Mary is with her and they are wearing a matching angel costume, one in white and the other in black. The costumes leave little to the imagination, but she explains the plan. If you agree to go to the party, the girls will put on a VR porn show for you. No touching, but you are allowed to masturbate while you watch. It seems like a good idea to you, but before you can even think about it, the girls start to kiss each other. You never thought of your girlfriend as liking other girls, but the way the make out tells you this isn’t their first time. No way you want to turn back now. With your attention fully on them, the girls show you how revealing the outfits really are. As they strip down and show off their tiny tits, you take out your cock and watch their eyes focus on your stiff meat and pumping fist. They open their thighs and start to rub along with you. They love teasing and look so cute as their fingers slide into their pussies. Watching you get close, they start to cum and beg you to shoot your load. It was definitely worth it and as you get dressed for the party. your girlfriend winks at you and promises you a shot at the real thing when you get home.

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