WankzVR: Black Friday Two For One

It’s a Black Friday 2 for 1 blowout! You’re stuck working on this busy sales day and the store has been crazy all day. Gizelle Blanco is checking out all the sales and your merchandise when Adrianna Jade comes in to score a BIG deal of her own. Gizelle finds exactly what she is looking for but Adrianna wants it too, and she wants it bad! Watch as this pair of customers fight over the last one in stock, then Adrianna and Gizelle make YOU decide who gets the BIG deal. They will flash and tease to compete for their prize then ramp up the action in a wild threesome all over the store! Fuck Gizelle and Adrianna to enjoy your own 2 for 1 deal as they learn to share. Working retail on Black Friday has never been this much fun!