Virtual Real Passion: Self-Care With You

You are taking a bath. The water is warm. There are a lot of foam. You are relaxed. Your boyfriend Tommy Wood enters to the bathroom and sees you naked inside the bathtub with a satisfaction face because you are really relaxed in it. He wants to get inside the warm water with you, so he takes his clothes off and enters to the bathtub. After a few seconds, he tells you that he is relaxed but he is also hard because of seeing your body. He approaches you and says that he knows a way of making you even more relaxed: eating your pussy. He lifts you a little bit and starts to give you a pussy licking, moving his tongue along your clitoris for you to have the most pleasuring experience. When you are ready and wanting to feel him inside of you, he slowly introduces his penis in you, fucking you lovingly. However, you want to make love properly so you move to the bed and there you ride him in cowgirl-style while he caresses you all. You will fuck in different positions with this handsome man until both of you reach a huge orgasm.

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