Virtual Real Passion: UNI Skip Day

Jenny Wild and Kate Quinn are two students that want to spend a day off the classes. So, they have picked up their bags and they have skipped the university for a day. They are at home right now trying to know what to do with their free day. At the end, Kate tells her that she doesn’t want to study but she wants to be introduced to chemistry… between the two! Kate starts to undress her and pinches her nipples with her fingers, so Jenny starts to feel as horny as she is. Then, she takes her clothes off and ask Jenny to touch her boobs. Looking her in the eye, she says that she wants to taste her pussy, so she gives her a pussy liking right before introducing her finger inside of her, feeling that she is really wet. Both masturbate in different positions at the same time until Kate takes the strap-on and fucks Jenny until both of them come.

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