VirtualTaboo: Mother's Boobs Charm

Today is a big day in your town. There is a huge sexual freedom protest happening downtown. You figure you might take a break from VR Porn long enough to check out the protesters and see if you can find someone fun to talk to. The last thing you expected was to find your father’s new wife Tori Cummings all dressed up and ready to march in the parade. She has a sign praising “Boobs Freedom” and proudly announces her membership in the “No Bra Club.” Seeing your reaction she loudly remarks that she just can’t figure out why women should have to wear bras. If they want to let the girls free, who should object? You try to focus on what she is saying but can’t take your eyes off your stepmom’s huge hooters. No wonder she is so proud of them. No wonder dad married her. When she finally lets them pop out you can’t help but give them a feel. She feels the electricity between you and her jaw drops when you pull out your hard cock. Drooling over your meat, she tells you that she married your father for his money, but wants you for that big slab of meat. You aren’t about to turn down a hot blonde, busty slut when she wants her lips on your junk, no matter who she’s married to. In this VR porn episode, she hops on your dick and starts to ride it like she wants to break it off inside of her experienced pussy. As she milks the load from your dick onto her face you can see why dad married her and also can’t wait to be alone with her again.