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Your roommate Rika Fane is gorgeous and you can’t help but sneak a peek at her whenever you can. She goes to the same college and works at night. Though she has never mentioned where she works, she seems to have all the money she needs. In this VR porn video, you hear some noise coming from her room and decide to check it out. You see Rika and her friend Princess Alice in skimpy lingerie. They are surprised to see you, but Rika tells you not to leave. She wants you to see the outfits that she and Alice are going to wear to work. They both work at the local lingerie bar and are trying out a new look. Would you please stay and give your opinion about the clothes? Do you think guys will give big tips to the two of them in these? They look like hot VR porn models. All you do is stare silently until Alice points the boner in your pants to her friend. That convinces them both that they have chosen the right outfits. Rika feels bad to have left you in such a state and the girls make you a fantastic offer. They will strip for you while you jerk off. Before you can even say yes, their tops come off and the girls start rubbing their bodies against one another. They watch and encourage you to stroke harder and faster. The whole thing really turns Rika on so she spreads her legs and masturbates along with you. She cums first and then helps Alice get off right in front of you. The sight of your beautiful roommate playing with her hot friend sends you over the edge as you shoot a big load in their direction.

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