VirtualTaboo: Rika Fane Goes VR

After a long day of work you are looking forward to relaxing with a few cold beers and some VR Porn. You should have the apartment to yourself, but when you arrive you find that your roommate’s girlfriend Rika Fane is there. She is nice to be around, but you really wanted some alone time. As soon as you get into your room, Rika calls you to the other bedroom to help with someone. When you open the door you find her in a very revealing set of lingerie. The pretty blonde explains that she would never cheat on her boyfriend, but she has a kink he doesn’t share. Rika likes to masturbate while watching a man stroke off looking at her. If you are interested, she wants you to get off watching her. No touching each other, but all the self-pleasure you want as long as you don’t tell her boyfriend. You aren’t about to say no and she is quite pleased when you take out your already hard cock. As she strips, Rika Fane VR tells you that she has seen you looking at her. The fact that you want her even though she is your roommate’s girlfriend turns her on. Her bra comes off and you stare at her tiny tits and stiff nipples as she encourages you to stroke harder, to pump as fast as you like. Her panties come down next and you can finally see her tight. As she rubs it, you can see just how wet she is. With her fingers now inside, she tells you that she will think of your cock the next time she fucks her man and that she hopes you are listening. That pushes you over the edge and you both cum together, sharing a secret that will last until next time.