Virtual Real Passion: Open House

Yves Morgan is showing Kaira Love a house. She is asking some questions related to the comfort of the house she wants to buy. After speaking in the living room, Yves leads Kaira to the bedroom. She feels the good atmosphere there, and she wants to try if she feels even better there alone, so she asks him for five minutes there on her own. Once he leaves the room, Kaira sits down and starts masturbating. The place is amazing for that. She is moaning when Yves comes in the room and he offers her help to reach the orgasm she is hoping for. He lays her down in bed and starts giving her a pussy licking. Then, he fucks her with his big cock, slowly at first. But she wants to take the lead and fuck him, so she sits on top of him doing the cowgirl. Both will come after doing different sex positions.

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