VirtualTaboo: The Priceless Gem

You have been away at college for over a year and are surprised by how much things have changed while you were gone. First on that list is your younger stepsister Sapphire Astrea. Since you went away she has started college and has a new side gig that your parents do not know about. When you are alone with her, she asks for your opinion. Since you are in her target audience for her new personal modeling site, she wants to know if you think she is hot enough to make it and needs your input on an outfit for her very first live VR show. She leaves for a moment and returns in a very revealing lingerie set complete with stockings. You stare at her with your mouth wide open. Sapphire is all grown up and looks every bit the part as a sexy VR Porn model. Your reaction makes her smile, but she needs to make sure you see the outfit from every angle. One look at her ass and your hard cock becomes clearly visible through your pants. That is just the reaction she was hoping for and she knows exactly what to do next. Taking her tits out of her top, she teases you, stating that if you really think she is pretty enough to model then you would take out your cock and jerk off to her. You only briefly hesitate before she bends over and pulls her panties aside. No doubt left, you take out your dick and start to stroke while she encourages you. Watching you stroke, she knows that she will have other men watching, tipping and cumming for her shows regularly, but right now she just wants to see you bust your load while you watch her cream on her fingers.

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