Virtual Real Passion: Sharing a Gift

Your boyfriend Romeo thinks that you should try something different for this Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t want to buy you chocolate and flowers like every year, but he wants you to fulfil one of your deepest fantasies. As you agree, he gets up and goes to the door. He opens it and Gina Gerson enters the room. You know what he means now: you are going to have a threesome! The stunning woman starts to undress you. Once that you are naked on the sofa, she undresses herself and starts to take off your boyfriend’s clothes while they kiss. You are getting so horny by looking at them! She takes one of her hand and places on your pussy, touching you while Romeo licks one of her nipples. Then, both of them kneel and eat your pussy, exploring your clitoris with their tongues. They kiss from time to time, and they introduce some finger in you while they keep licking your clitoris. They kiss while he sticks his penis inside of you and your pleasure is very high! Gina kneels and licks your pussy while she is being fucked by Romeo. After, Romeo fucks you and licks Gina’s boobs while you masturbate her. More and more positions will come until the three of you have an orgasm!

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