VirtualTaboo: Ultimate Breakfast For Three

It is breakfast time in the house and Chloe Heart’s mom is away for the weekend. Alone with her stepfather and stepbrother, she has some wicked plans to make the most of the time. When they wake up, they smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. After serving her stepfather and handing him a daily paper, Chloe starts teasing you, flashing her tiny tits and wiggling her adorable ass. You can’t believe how bold she is as she acts like a professional VR porn model. You don’t stop Chloe when she crawls under the table and takes out your cock. You love the way her mouth feels but is worried about getting caught. She is hoping her stepfather will notice and makes more noise as she gags on your big rod. You can’t take it any longer and have to have her on the table. Chloe’s stepfather is shocked to see you bang her over breakfast, but rather than be upset, he wants to join in. That is exactly what Chloe wanted and she happily sucks your rod while getting daddy dicked from behind. The intense double stuffing from her mom’s husband and you is even better than she fantasized about while watching taboo VR porn movies. It is so kinky she can barely contain herself. You take turns pounding her holes and Chloe loves every thrust. She makes her stepfather tell her that her pussy is tighter than her mother’s and makes you tell her that she is a better slut than your girlfriend. That kind of filthy talk makes you both shoot big loads, one on her face and one on her pussy. Family breakfasts are going to be a new and filthy tradition.

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