VirtualTaboo: You Are Invited

After a year of marriage to your wife Sky Pierce, she still finds wonderful ways to surprise you and keep things interesting. Sometimes it is a home-cooked meal or a mystery weekend trip or even a new VR porn video. For your first anniversary, she found a way to really outdo herself. You arrived home after work with flowers and a new necklace only to find Sky in a bra and panties set you have never seen. The bigger shock comes when you see her best friend Simona Purr wearing a matching set of lingerie. Since you have been such a good husband Sky has invited Simona over to put on a special VR porn show just for you. It seems too good to be true, but the smile on your wife’s face tells you that she is going to enjoy watching you watch them. As they undress each other, you get out of your pants and Simona smiles at the sight of your big, hard cock. They continue to strip and they bend over, showing off tight, wet pussies. You haven’t been with anyone but your wife since you met her, but Simona looks so inviting. They start rubbing and fingering their pussies, encouraging you to stroke faster and imagine what they feel like inside. Sky is always bragging to her friend about how big and hard your cock is. Now she gets to see it throbbing in your hand while you watch her play with her pussy. Your wife is so turned on watching you watch her best friend that she might even consider letting Simona join you for a hot threesome. That will have to wait until next year though. For now, just sit back and stroke to them both until you explode.

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