Virtual Real Passion: Very Close Friends

It’s time for a fashion show! Selva is showing you different clothes she bought. She wants to know your opinion on how they fit on her. She takes off her dress, puts on a t-shirt, she takes it off too… In between she stays on underwear, showing you her amazing body. She starts to turn you on. At one point, she realizes and looks at you and she say that she wants to play. She goes to you and starts touching your boobs. Then, she undresses you and masturbates you, touching with her fingers your clitoris and giving you so much pleasure. You can see in her face how much she likes to touch you. And she likes to taste you too. So she gives you a pussy licking, playing with her tongue and lips on your clitoris. You will do a 69, touching and feeling each other. Then, she will do a position where your pussies touch each other, so you will be able to see your faces and touch your bodies. Both of you will have a huge orgasm!