VR Bangers: Pheromones Temptation

You know very well that at we always try to use the most modern technologies possible – that’s why from time to time we happen to become pioneers in the market, who are completely first to start using new tech solutions. This was the case with 4K UHD, 6K UHD, and 8K UHD – and now it’s time for 12K ultra-high definition resolution! Introducing the world’s first 12K UHD VR porn video, which will take you straight into the thrilling world of virtual reality porn fantasies from VR Bangers in an even more immersive and realistic way! Pheromones Temptation is your chance to spend some time with one of the hottest MILF VR sex performers in the whole world, who, under the influence of the pheromones you use, will totally lose control and turn into a full-fledged slut! Ryan Keely, a.k.a. the aforementioned VR xxx actress with big tits, will come to you in this VR sex fantasy to play the role of your boxing trainer – but as soon as you two start sweating together while boxing, pheromones will start releasing in the air and completely mesmerize this beautiful blonde, making her forget her original intentions. Not to mention that her pussy will get so wet in no time that it will almost be visible through her training outfit… Now, the only thing Ryan will be thinking about is the cock in your pants, which any moment now she’ll be able to feel inside her – and since you’ll be able to enjoy it all in 12K Ultra HD, you should feel as if the whole situation happened to you in the real world! Don’t delay a moment longer and get your VR goggles on (as long as you have a VR headset powerful enough to handle 12K UHD 3D VR, it is) to join this busty trainer as soon as possible!