Virtual Real Passion: Into Your Mind

From the opposite ends of a room, Katy Rose and Tiny Tina, dressed up exactly the same, walk slowly to each other. Both smile and they start to undress in a sexy and erotic way. They caress and touch each other and Katy licks Tiny Tina’s boobs and nipples. Both go to the bed and they kiss and caress their bodies. Everything is very sensual, because you can see the desire both have for each other. Little by little they lay down… and suddenly you are inside Katy’s mind: you can see how Tiny Tina looks at you with lust in her eyes. She licks your pussy, using her tongue to make you feel the hugest pleasure of your life. Then, she uses her pussy to rubs against yours, giving both of your pleasure. You fuck in different positions like 69, missionary, cowgirl… You also use a dildo to introduce it inside her ass while you masturbate each other

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