Virtual Real Passion: Nurse On Call

The nurse Aaron Rock is at your home in order to collect a sample to do a Covid test. He is very nice explaining to you the process and making you feel fine with it. He does it and then he says that you just have to wait for the results. You can’t help yourself and you touch his arm, on the one side thanking him his help, but on the other side, because you think that he is hot. He looks at you and understand what you want. First, he takes off his clothes. Then, he kneels to take care of you: he licks your pussy while you put your legs over him. Then, you touch his big dick and you both masturbate looking at each other. While you are sitting down, he sticks his dick inside of you and fucks you soft at the beginning. But your lust is increasing, so you make him lay down and you put yourself on top of him so you can fuck him in cowgirl position. Both will experience the biggest pleasure of your life!

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