Virtual Real Passion: Geeks Fucks Too

Dean Van Damme as Obi Wan Kenobi and Max Dior as Stormtrooper are waiting for Moona Snake. She appears dressed up as Princess Leia. They are going to the Comic Com together. But before, Moona wants to be with Max. Joking, she tells Dean to use his Jedi’s Powers to make Max come to her, because he is very shy and he doesn’t listen to her. Finally, she gets what she wanted. She lays down and Max gives her a pussy licking while Dean sits on the sofa and masturbate looking at them. The three of them are going to fuck and the two guys will give her pleasure with this amazing threesome! First, Max has sex with her while Dean masturbate. Then, Dean will fuck with her and lick her foot while she masturbates Max (and he touches her boobs and body) at the same time. After that, they change positions and do the same. They give her another pussy licking; next, she takes their cocks with her hands and masturbates them while they touch her. She will reach the orgasm and after that, both masturbate until they cum over her body.

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