Virtual Real Passion: To Study... Another Day

Matthew Meier enters the room where you are reading a book. He comes with his notes for his exam, but he finds it quite difficult. Seeing you laying down, with your red lingerie on… turns him on! He tells you that he can’t focus because you are so sexy… he gets close to you and starts to caress you, feeling the softness of your skin. After the caress, he takes off your clothes and gives you a pussy licking, making you wet. He licks your clitoris, touches your boobs, bites you gently in your legs. Then, you masturbate him for a while, giving him the same pleasure he gave you. After that, you fuck with this handsome and muscular man: he sticks his dick in you doing missionary, so you can see his amazing body while you have sex. At the end, he cums over your body.

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