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Reality Lovers: Latex Android

Miky Love is your personal Latex Android.

Her outfit perfectly snug to her slender body, she is here to fulfill your every whim.

And there is no question that we are talking sex here.

Being efficient in her purpose to please you, she wastes no time, immediately throws you down on the bed, pulling off your trousers and whipping out your cock.

Her hungry lips envelop your head, surprisingly gently kissing and caressing it, her tongue travelling the whole length of your shaft.

Next, she straddles you as you lay on your back, facing you in the cowgirl position.

She reaches down to her crotch to unzip the opening in her latex suit, firmly grasping your fully erect member and guides it inside her confines.

Then, she reverses on you and does a couple of quick squats, moving up and down with robotic precision, fully aware of the gusts of pleasure she is causing to explode in your brain.

Then she pulls out her robotic pleasure stick – a massive orange dildo and inserts it deep inside of her, while giving you a piercing look, asking for your approval.

She is primed and ready for a good spin on the mattress, her insatiable appetite begging for your hot load.

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Czech VR Fetish Pissing Fantasy Voyeur

Czech VR Fetish: 109 – Lesbo Pissing Fun

When two roommates share a bathroom, things can easily get complicated.

Miky Love really needs to go to the loo, but Isabella is already occupying it.

Miky struggles for a bit, trying to get her sexy young friend out of the seat, but gives up after a while, dropping her robe and threatening to pee all over Isabella.

It won’t take long, before these beauties are engaged in awesome, thirty minutes of constant lesbian pissing contest!

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Czech VR Fetish Pissing Fantasy POV

Czech VR Fetish: 104 – Pissing in the Tub

Would you like to have a wonderful woman piss all over your face?

Do you want to feel the stream of golden shower rushing down your cheeks, enjoy the sour, yet strangely delightful taste of fresh pee on your tongue?

Well we can get you pretty close to that fetish experience, because Miky Love wants to do that in our latest VR video so don’t let her waiting!

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