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Reality Lovers: Shagalotte’s Crush

Shagalotte is always the one looking for a fairytale – in personal and sex life.

She has just found herself an ideal man and can’t wait to share the good news with Cherry.

She is smitten with him and is frantically putting plans in place to go to a posh restaurant – and better yet for a romatic follow up.

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Czech VR POV Threesome Fantasy

Czech VR: 218 – Tina Kay’s first DP in VR!

Strap on your helmet and get ready for one hell of an adventure, because Tina Kay is about to experience her first-ever double penetration in VR and you will be there with her!

This chick is so amazing we invited her once again to show off everything she has and we want to hear your opinion, so let us know if you loved watching this smashing beauty fucked in two holes at the same time in our discussion forum!

Man, this is the very first DP on Czech VR!

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Czech VR Fetish Face Sitting Fantasy Voyeur

Czech VR Fetish: 127 – Heavenly Face-Sitting

If you want to experience what it may just feel like to be in heaven, there really is no reason to die.

All you need to do is put on a VR helmet and enjoy our latest face-sitting experience because Tina Kay and Veronica Leal feel playful and want to sit on your face right now!

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Czech VR POV Threesome Fantasy

Czech VR: 210 – Wife’s sex friend reunion

Imagine having a wife like Tina Kay.

That is a win already, because this incredibly beautiful woman would fuck you to well, you would never need to look for another.

But it gets better.

You see – your wife has a sexy little friend, Veronica Leal , who comes to visit and things take an unexpected turn.

Before you know it, two horny sluts are riding your cock and enjoying proper fucking only you can provide!

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New Years Special POV Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers: The Remembering

We’ve had a good year here at Reality Lovers.

We know you’re really eager to check our site every now and then, and now it’s time we gave you a reward that’s filled with memories of our scenes.

Let us introduce you to the mysterious Reality Lovers spirit, who will guide you through this very special sequence.

She will make you remember some of the hottest VR scenes that Reality Lovers brought to you during 2017.

Once you’re done remembering, you have to realize that there are five girls with you in the room.

And all of them are incredibly horny.

This calls for something we’ve never done before on our site – an explosive orgy with five females!

Don’t read this anymore, download the scene!

It’s a must!

Happy New Year, perverts! 🙂

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Czech VR POV

Czech VR: 185 – Here’s Your Key

You broke up and she came to return your key, hoping you will not be home.

Unlucky for her, there you are, resting comfortably and she has to deal with you.

She starts talking, reminiscing the days you were together and how amazing you were in the sack.

Before you know it, this smashing beauty is all over your cock, begging for more!

So let’s pull it out and give it to her in this VR porn experience!

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Reality Lovers Samsung Gear VR Voyeur

Reality Lovers: Tina Kay Is Alone Today

Everyone loves Tina Kay.

Everything she touches turns to sensual and horny miracles.

At Reality Lovers, we stopped doing solo videos almost entirely, but sometimes there is a girl that is so exceptional that she deserves to star in a solo video.

Tina Kay can do anything, so it’s a no-brainer that a solo scene with Tina masturbating with fingers and toys, encouraging you to stroke your cock and never stopping to talk dirty to you, will look amazing.

Just see this goddess in action and you will agree that she truly is exceptional in the business.

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CosPlay POV Samsung Gear VR VRCosplayX

VRCosplayX: Game Of Thrones XXX Parody

You’ve made arrangements with Khaleesi and Margaery to form an unlikely alliance, but as Dornion tradition demands, you must consummate the deal.

Your dick is harder than Valyrian steel and as they start blowing you and sharing your cock, you begin to feel like the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms.

So take off that tunic of yours and fuck these power-hungry sluts to restore honor to House Martell once and for all.

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CosPlay POV Samsung Gear VR VRCosplayX

VRCosplayX: Watchmen XXX Parody

Being a hero can be exhausting right, Nite Owl?

After stopping the slaughter of 30 civilians by crazed gunmen downtown, Silk Spectre’s pussy is wet and ready for you.

The ride back in the Owlship was tense and it brought back flashbacks of when the two of you joined the mile-high club after your last crime fighting spree.

Turns out saving lives is a damn good aphrodisiac, so it’s time to get under that latex suit and stuff her full of your “Watchmanhood” once again.

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TMWVRNET: Great Idea

Two hot and famous pornstars Angel Wickey and Tina Kay team up for the awesome threesome action!

Well-known Angel wants the rising star Tina to impress their big boss.

The lesbian pornbabes decide tasting his hard cock instead of each other’s pussies.

They start with a deep throat blowjob, then straddle the stale dick while caressing boobs.

Beautiful women end up with a blowjob to get cumshots on their faces.

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